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Gravity Dams

Dam is a solid barrier...

Soil Cement

Soil-cement is a highly compacted mixture of soil/aggregate, portland cement, and water. Soil-cement differs from Portland cement concrete pavements in sever...

Noise Control of Buildings

The acoustical design issues for buildings involve the principal issues like site noise considerations, including the control of noise transfer to a project’s neighbours, particularly if they are r...

Dam Safety and Earthquakes

Until now no people have died from the failure or damage of a large water storage dam due to earthquake. Earthquakes have always been a significant aspect of the...

Building Construction

FINAL INTERNSHIP REPORT - Quality Policy They are committed to become a leading Architectural and Engineering consultant in the country by provi...

Use of Waste Polyethylene in Bituminous

Bituminous mixes are most commonly used all over the world in flexible pavement construction. It consists of asphalt or bitumen (used as a binder) and mineral aggregate which are mixed together, la...

Paint as a Building Material

paint can be described as any fluid material that will spread over a solid surface and dry or harden to an adherent, coherent, obscuring skin or film. Paint is used to protect the exterior of a bui...

Ready Mix Concrete

Few things are more aggravating to produce on a worksite than concrete. Bags of cement, sand, aggregate (gravel) and possibly other additives must be delivered to the construction area. A supply of...

Base Isolation and Seismic Consideration in Civil Engineering

Earthquake is sudden shaking of the earth surface caused by a source of disturbance inside the earth. It occurs due to sudden mass shifting in bedrock caused by forces within the earth. It causes o...

Types of Cofferdams

Cofferdam is defined as a temporary structure which is constructed to remove water and/or soil from an area and allow it for further work. Types of Cofferdam: Single wall co...

Pavement Design

Pavement design and construction methodology is most often office based and reliant on critical input data and computer programs. However to design and construct a pavement intelligently and respon...

Piping Fundamentals

It is a Tubular item made of metal, plastic, glass etc. meant for conveying Liquid, Gas or any thing that flows. It is a very important component for any industrial plant. And it’s engineeri...


This is a recently developed material . It is made with re-pulped paper-fiber with a combination of Portland cement and or clay. This type of material is considered environmental friendly material....

Prefabricated Structure

A prefabricated structure or building is a structure that has several factory built components that are assembled on a site. These pre-made components can consist of panels, modules or transportabl...

Watershed Management Concept and Principles

Watershed is not simply the hydrological unit but also socio-political-ecological entity which plays crucial role in determining food, social, and economical security and provides life support serv...

Disaster Management

Climate change is likely to be perceived through experience of extreme weather eventsTherefore, response to climate change will perhaps happen through adaptation to climate hazards Important to cha...

Use of Fly Ash in Concrete

Finely Divided Residue Resulting From Combustion Of Powdered Coal An Artificial Pozzolan Common Ingrediant In Concrete. First Used In Construction Of Hungry Horse Dam In USA. In India, First Used I...


Skyscrapers are known to be super tall building either residential, work place or of mix use. They are now tends to coincide...

Airport Marking

Air port markings helps the pilot in proper, efficient and safe use of the airport facilities. Airport markings can be grouped as:Runway markingsTaxiway markingsOther markings Markings are...

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