Use of Fly Ash in Concrete

Finely Divided Residue Resulting From Combustion Of Powdered Coal An Artificial Pozzolan Common Ingrediant In Concrete. First Used In Construction Of Hungry Horse Dam In USA. In India, First Used In Rihad Dam High Volume Fly Ash Is Of Current Interest. Quality Of Fly Ash Is Governed By Is:3812-1981

Sufficiently Cured Fly Ash Concrete Has A Dense Structure And Hence More Resistance To Deleterious Substances. This Reduces The Corrosion Of Rein forecement. Class F Fly Ash Reduces Alkali -Silica Reactivity Because Of The Dense Structure And Hence Expansion Is Reduced Which Increases Durability. Because Of The Reduced Permeability The Chloride Ingress Is Reduced

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  • Raj Janorkar

    Use of Fly Ash in Concrete

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