This is a recently developed material . It is made with re-pulped paper-fiber with a combination of Portland cement and or clay. This type of material is considered environmental friendly material. Paper-Crete is essentially a type of industrial strength paper Mache made with paper and cardboard, sand and Portland cement. It was discovered by Eric Patterson and Mike McCain.

The objective of this project is to design and build a rigid, cost effective and economical inner wall of the structure or building. As builders and building owners are pressurized to use sustainable construction materials, a previously tassel building material known as paper-Crete has gained a lot of popularity amidst the recent greening up efforts. Paper-Crete is a recent technology and its use is limited to experimental and recreation use.


  • Literature review.
  • Casting of cubes with different material and with different ratio.
  • Curing of cubes. {air dry curing}
  • Testing of the compressive strength.
  • Permeability test.
  • Flame test.
  • Conclusion.

Note:- This seminar download only contain PPT