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Use of Recovered Tyres in Construction

The disposal of waste tyres is becoming a major waste management problem in the UK. It is estimated that 37 million car and truck tyres are being discarded annually and this number is set to increase,...

Simulation of River

Evapotranspiration is a collective term that includes all processes by which water at the earth’s surface is converted to water vapor. It includes evaporation from the plant canopy, transpiration, s...

Intelligent Buldings

Buildings are inherently linked to their usage and surroundings and hence their indoor environment is the result of a range of interactions affected by seasonal and daily changes in climate and by the...

Self Compacting Concrete

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is an innovative concrete that does not require vibration for placing and compaction. It is able to flow under its own weight, completely filling formwork and achieving...

Construction Civil

In many people’s mind air pollution is associated with contamination of urban air from automobiles exhaust and industrial influents. But every year the indoor air pollution is responsible for the...


The term ferrocement is most commonly applied to a mixture of Portland cement and sand reinforced with layers of woven or expanded steel mesh and closely-spaced small-diameter steel rods rebar. It can...

Use of Recycled Aggregate in Concrete

Any construction activity requires several materials such as concrete, steel, brick, stone, glass, clay, mud, wood, and so on. However, the cement concrete remai...

Geopolymer Concrete

Geopolymer materials represent an innovative technology that is generating considerable interest in the construction industry, particularly in light of the ongoing emphasis on sustainability. In contr...

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a severe problem in many modern cities around the world Traffic congestion has been causing many critical problems and challenges in the major and most populated cities. To trave...

Aluminium Forms System

Aluform is a construction system for forming cast in place concrete structure of a Building. Aluform system provides aluminium formwork for RCC, load-bearing ,multi-storeyed buildings and enables the...

Glass Fibre Reinforced concrete

Fiber Reinforced Concrete can be defined as a composite material consisting of mixtures of cement, mortar or concrete and discontinuous, discrete, uniformly dispersed suitable fibers. Continuous meshe...

Bitumen Mixes For Road

Bitumen is a useful binder for road construction. Different grades of bitumen like 30/40, 60/70 and 80/ 100 are available on the basis of their penetration values. The steady increase in high traffic...

Retrofitting of Concrete Building with Steel

Steel elements used in retrofitting Steel elements in the form of plates, channels, angles, I-sections along with anchor bolts / through bolts could be used for retrofitting a damaged RCC building. Th...

Quantification of Damage Index for High Rise Building

Earthquakes are the natural hazards with high damage potential. However, by utilizing several principles, it is possible to identify and minimise the resulting social and economic losses, which mainly...

Construction Challenges For Bridges In Hilly Area

Foundation construction for any large bridge takes time. Problems encountered during construction of foundation depend upon type of foundation, soil strata encountered, equipment/plant deployed and lo...

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented.

Design and Analysis of Residential Building

Design and Analysis of Residential Building having total 10 flats. The design provided with 2 flats in each floor among them one double bed room flat and other triple bed room flat also the parking plan is provided at the stilt.

Pin Foundation

Pin foundation systems allow the construction of structures with substantial loads in areas with soft soils or in places where existing groundcover retention is desired. Construction requires a heavy dutyair compressor and minor labour without

Plastic As Soil Stabilizer

Soil stabilisation using raw plastic bottles is an alternative method for the improvement of subgrade soil of pavement. It can significantly enhance the properties of the soil used in the construction of road infrastructure.

Incineration Solid Waste Management

Incineration is the main waste-to-energy form of treatment. It is a treatment technology involving destruction of solid waste by controlled burning at high temperatures. It is accompanied by the release of heat. This heat converted into energy.

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