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Mechanical Engineering Seminars

Underwater Windmill

We build ordinary windmills to extract useful power from wind energy. We put turbines in rivers (usually accompanied by dams) to extract useful power from downhill water flow. .

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management means that the organization's culture is defined by and supports the constant attainment of customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques, and training.

Total Productive Maintenance

TPM descends from Japan and came into existence in the seventies. After Dr W Edward Deming made an impact in Japan through his teaching of quality, Japanese organization felt..


Six Sigma is an innovative and adaptive set of methodologies geared toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate processes. .

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is the group of components (suppliers, distribution points, transportation providers) necessary to bring your product from its raw material state to the end user..

Thermal Analysis of Heat Pipe

In this paper, the heat pipe working parameters are analyzed using Taguchi methodology. The Taguchi method is used to formulate the experimental work, analyze the effect of working parameters of the heat pipe and predict the optimal parameter.

Wireless Solar Mobile Charger

Our project goal is to develop a miniature solar panel to be installed onto the cell phone itself. This way, the phone can charge independently; independent of power outlets and independent of wires.

Sheet Metal Bending Machine

The paper deals with manufacturing or bending of sheet metal by using power operated sheet bending machine. Especially discussion made the productivity analysis of manually or power operated sheet bending machine.

Human Generated Power for Mobile Electronics

Wireless connectivity is also a conundrum for mobile designers. While the designer can control the CPU, RAM, disk, and battery in his device, wireless connectivity is often provided by another party.

Light Sensing Robot

The light following robot is a capable of detecting and following the light source on the traveling path. It is developed without the help of a micro-controller for providing easier connections and understanding of the circuit.

Hills Train Power Generation & Automatic Railway gate control

This paper deals with automatic railway gate operation implemented in unmanned level crossings at remote areas. Detection of train approaching the gate can be sensed by means of sensors placed on side of the track.


Clutch is used to engage or disengage the engine to the transmission. When the clutch is engaged, the engine power is transmitted to gear box and then to wheels. When clutch is disengaged, the engine power does not reach to gear box and to wheels.

Automatic Air Suspension System

The air suspension system is an air-operated, microprocessor controlled suspension system. This system replaces the conventional coil spring suspension and provides automatic front and rear load leveling.

Quality Improving Tool POKA-YOKE

Poka-Yoke is a Japanese improvement strategy for mistake-proofing, it's a preventive action that focuses on identifying and eliminating the special causes of variation in production processes, which inevitably lead to product defects.

Ceramic Disc Brakes

The ceramic brake disc ensures very high and, in particular, consistent frictional values throughout the entire deceleration process. With Porsche ceramic brake discs, a car was able to decelerate from 100Km to 0Km in less than 3 seconds.

Anti Lock Braking System

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) are designed to maintain driver control and stability of the car during emergency braking. ABS allows maximum braking to be applied while retaining the ability to 'steer out of trouble'.

Autonomous Car

Self-driving vehicles in which operation occurs without direct driver input to control the steering, acceleration and braking. In this type of vehicles the driver is not expected to constantly monitor the roadway while operating in self-driving mode.

Coal Handling in Thermal Power Plant

Coal is the prime fuel for a thermal plant. Hence adequate emphasis needs to be given for its proper handling and storage. Also it is equally important to have a sustained flow of this fuel to main...

Vacuum Braking System

A vehicle brake is a brake used to slow down a vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into heat. The basic hydraulic system, most commonly used, usually ha...

Friction Stir Welding

In friction stir welding (FSW) a cylindrical, shouldered tool with a profiled probe is rotated and slowly plunged into the joint line between two pieces butt...