Child Rescue System

In India for past few days people are facing a distressed cruel situation like child have fell in the bore well and struck in the hole which is uncovered and getting trapped. Rescue of trapped child from bore well is very risky and difficult process when compared to the other accidents. It takes more than a day to save the child. Here, in this paper the child who is stuck inside the hole is to be saved by the clipper which pick and place the child with the help of remote controller.

The clipper is left inside manually by the rope tied up at its hands. In this alternative scenario there will not be any requirements of digging hole parallel to the bore well. The child can be saved within a short period of time without any difficulties.

Water scarcity is the major problem faced by human society currently. Recently many accidents of children falling in the open bore well have appeared. Very few children have been saved in such accidents. Many were died due to lack of oxygen and lack of time period they had taken to save the child. Even if rescued late, most victims were reportedly injured. This abandoned bore wells have become death pits and started taking many lives especially small children. The incident of losing lives trapped in bore well was highlighted in 2006 where a 5 year old child named Prince was rescued by Indian Army experts after a tough combat which lasted up to 49hrs. Report says starting from 2009-2016 more than 36 children fell into the bore well consequently. So saving a child from the bore well became a difficulty and a risky process. A small delay in the rescue process can lose his/her life. Even though the necessary oxygen, increasing temperature and humidity in such depth will be another risk for child life. In order to solve this kind of situation the rescue system is designed to save the child inside the bore well and the design is named as “SMART AND SAFE CHILD RESCUE SYSTEM” which is sent inside manually and holds back the trapped child systematically.

A major problem faced by the human society was water scarcity which is analyzed by Bharathi and Suchitha. Due to drought and depletion of underground water, more bore wells are drilled on the surface of the earth. In many areas, the bore wells are drilled and left open without any proper covering. These bore wells became death pits and started taking many lives especially small children. Now a days falling of children in bore wells are increasing due to carelessness and playful activities of the children. The hole dug for the bore wells are deep around 700 feet. In these cases, the rescue of child from such deepest bore well is quite challenging.

B.Bharathi describes the design of a robot for rescuing the child from bore well. This robot is capable of moving inside the bore well, according to the human comment by PC and also pick and place based on the arm design. This robot is operated through PC with the help of wireless Zigbee technology and wireless camera which gives both the audio and video signals on the TV. The high power LED in the robot acts as a light source in the pipe where the light intensity is low.

It is a low cost human controlled robot used to monitor and gives an insight view of rescuing the child safely. Palwinder Kaur describes the rescue operation without human intervention. Here the wheeled leg mechanism is designed to go inside the pipe and the legs are circumferentially and systematically spaced out apart. The robot can adjust its legs according to the pipeline dimensions. The robot has consisting of power supply, switch pad and gear motor. The child