Solar Based Refrigerator

As the trend changes the consumption of electricity also increases, to reduce this we can use renewable sources such as solar energy which is world’s most rich, stable and clean source of energy having large potential and also we see that in present refrigerator system which produce cooling effect by refrigerants like CFC’s, HCFC’s, Freon, ammonia which gives a maximum efficiency but the main disadvantage is that it causes the global warming ozone depletion. Now this problem can be overcome by Peltier effect and thereby protecting the environment. In this paper to introduce the portable refrigerator using peltier module with solar energy as supply which overcomes the disadvantages of existing refrigerator with increase in population and environment degradation there is an alarming rate for thermoelectric couple system have come to rescue as these are environmental friendly, affordable and compact in size.

Solar Panel

Solar panels are used to convert solar radiation into electrical energy. Photovoltaic (PV) modules are used.

Charge Controller

A charge controller or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panel going to the battery.


Solar powered refrigeration equipment, or so called off grid photo voltaic systems, run on direct-current electricity provided by solar energy. Batteries are used to store energy. In off grid PV systems batteries are essential to providing power during periods of low or no sunlight.


  • High reliability.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • It occupies less space.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Noise less operation.
  • No Freon’s or other liquid or gaseous refrigerants required.
  • Low cost and high effectiveness.
  • Design is very simple.


  • COP is less as compared to conventional refrigeration system.
  • In rainy season it cannot be possible to charge battery from solar.
  • It also depends on climatic conditions.


  • To keep medicines in rural area
  • Hospitals.
  • Small scale industries


Solar power nowadays is playing a major role in meeting the energy requirements of our country.It is being developed at a very fast rate and its applications in many areas are being explored. The fridge is intended at exploring the same and provides an efficient and economical solution to the areas where there is no electricity and cooling is required. This project main objective was to develop a mini compressor less solar fridge .By this we decided to conclude our solar based refrigerator project.