Pedal Operated Cloth Washing Machine

The pedal operated cloth washing machine is the project which is best option for rural areas, where there is a problem of electric supply. To run the existing washing machine there is a need of an electric power. But, in developing countries most remotely areas and villages are suffering from the lack of electric supply. To overcome this problem a concept is developed about a cloth washing machine which operates manually. This machine does not require any electric power source or diesel supply. It only needs a bicycle frame with its pedal assembled to the structure. Power source is by operating the pedal joined to the washing cylinder tank using bicycle chain. The basic working principle of this machine depends on creation of the turbulent flow of detergent around dirty clothes.

Our work is an attempt to develop a concept to make a cloth washing mechanism which can meet out the requirements of people in need. Working principle of this concept generated is no more different from available machines. The objective of bringing down the initial cost and operating cost of washing machine is almost achieved. Finally, this machine is quite comfortable to the operator and doing physical exercises provided that better a gastronomical performance thought for, increases the demand that all communities need to own this machine. Finally, CATIA and ANSYS soft wares have been used where ever needed.

Human beings have the habit of covering their body by wearing cloths .To live with full of health they must change the already used clothes or regularly keep them clean. So to clean these dirty clothes developed countries are using electrically operating cloth washing machines. In most developing countries like Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia and others, it is difficult to make all people equally used, since economy and electricity limits the equal use of new technological achievements. The adopted culture of washing clothes in poor countries is immersing hands in washing tanks or materials to rinse the clothes, but this duty is problem posing task to human health.

The problem becomes worse when women and daughters begin to wash mass of cloths to gain income for their daily lives viz., women in our college daily washing students‟ clothes for their daily income and their daughters wasting educational time to help their mothers. So we think there should be some type of machine which does not use electricity, wash more clothes at a time, which is produced from locally available raw materials, costs less, support users physically strong ,ergonomically safe, and to feel healthy and happily.