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MBA Seminar Topics

Construction Management

Construction Management is a procurement approach whereby the CM undertakes to manage the Works through trade contractors,..

Hazardous waste Management

A hazardous waste is any waste or combination of wastes that poses a substantial danger, now or in the future, to human, plant or animal life ..

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management means that the organization's culture is defined by and supports the constant attainment of customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques, and training.

Total Productive Maintenance

TPM descends from Japan and came into existence in the seventies. After Dr W Edward Deming made an impact in Japan through his teaching of quality, Japanese organization felt..


Six Sigma is an innovative and adaptive set of methodologies geared toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate processes. .

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is the group of components (suppliers, distribution points, transportation providers) necessary to bring your product from its raw material state to the end user..

Time Management

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities,

Management Information System

Management information system gives emphasis to the collection, organization, analysis and distribution of information for the planning and control of business and organizational operations. ..

Sales Management

Sales Management has two schools of thought: Sales as an ART and Sales as SCIENCE. But this argument is invalid since sales personnel can be trained /groomed for selling. Hence, it is strategic function..

Job Enrichment

Overall Job Enrichment is essential to the workplace because it helps prevent feelings of repetitiveness in the day to day operations from hindering productivity.

Stress Management

Stress is a fact of life, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You cannot avoid stress, but you can learn to manage it so it doesn’t manage you..

Group Dynamics

Group Development is a dynamic process. How do groups evolve? There is a process of five stages through which groups pass through. The process includes the five stages: forming, storming, forming, performing, and adjourning.

Human Resource Management

While recruitment and retention may seem like a given for HR management systems, it is the anchor of all HR's policies and systems. Finding qualified workers, keeping them engaged with the company, training them to effectively..

Marketing Research

Marketing research gives full description about the consumers. It describes their age, sex, education, income, etc.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are normally classified by their principal investments, as described in the prospectus and investment objective. The four main categories of funds are money market funds, bond or fixed income funds, stock or equity funds and hybrid funds...

Job Analysis

“Job Analysis is the process of determining and reporting pertinent information relating to the nature of a specific job.”..

Event Management

Event Management is a multi-million dollar industry, growing rapidly, with mega shows and events hosted regularly. Surprisingly, there is no formalized research conducted to access the growth of this industry.

Employee Engagement

“This is about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential.”


Today the term entrepreneur implies qualities of leadership, initiative and innovation in business. Economist Robert Reich has called team-building, leadership, and management ability essential qualities for the entrepreneur.

Green Marketing

Green marketing involves developing and promoting products and services that satisfy customer's want and need for Quality, Performance, Affordable Pricing..