Construction Management

Construction Management is a procurement approach whereby the CM undertakes to manage the Works through trade contractors, who are contracted to the client. Value is achieve through acceleration of the overall programme, increased ability to incorporate change to the design, involvement of specialist trade contractors in design and construction, and the creation of a collaborative project culture.

As noted by the RICS, the CM is paid a fee as it was any other consultant to cover for its staff costs, and overheads, etc. As a member of the professional team the CM uses its experience to optimise costs and programming, shape buildability, coordinate procurement and manage design performance.

Services of Construction Management

Project Preplanning/Programming Phase Services - Such services may include: initial planning; feasibility studies; economic studies; site studies; environmental studies; site investigations; site surveys; preparation of budget and cost estimates; preparation of preliminary schedules; cost modeling and analysis; and cost control management.

Project Design Phase Services: These services may include: design management; design technical reviews; code compliance reviews; constructability reviews; conducting/participating in Value Engineering workshops; analysis of Value Engineering proposals; preparation of cost estimates (including independent check estimates); cost analysis; cost control/monitoring; energy studies; utility studies; site investigations; site surveys; hazardous material surveys/analysis; scheduling (including preparation of schedules and schedule reviews); design problem resolution; review of design scope changes (including analysis of schedule impact); scheduling/conducting/documenting design related meetings; participation in Time of Performance meetings to establish construction durations; participation in all “Partnering” activities during design (workshops, meetings, etc.);and performing market studies (material availability, contractor interest, etc.).

Project Procurement Phase Services: These services may include: providing assistance to the Contracting Officer in contract procurement; answering bid/RFP questions; attending/participating in site visits; attending/participating in pre-bid conferences; preparing and issuing solicitation amendments; and performing cost/bid/proposal analysis.

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