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Electric Shock

An Electric shock can occur upon contact of a human or animal body with any source of voltage high enough to cause sufficient current flow through the muscles or nerves.&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1...

Magneto Optics Current Transformer

An accurate electric current transducer is a key component of any power system instrumentation. To measure currents, power stations and substations conventionally employ inductive type current transfo...

Tri Gate Transistor

Tri-Gate transistors, the first to be truly three-dimensional, mark a major revolution in the Semiconductor industry. The semiconductor industry continues to push technological innovation to keep pace...

Paper Battery

The creation of the paper battery drew from a diverse pool of disciplines, requiring expertise in materials science, energy storage and chemistry. In august 2007, a research team at Rensselear poly...

Solar Sail

Hundreds of space missions have been launched since the last lunar mission, including several deep space probes that have been sent to the edges of our solar system. However, our journeys to space hav...

Antisleep Alarm for Student

While actually giving in to our body’s natural wants such as sleep, we’re keeping the balance beam in an upright and neutral position — generally a good thing to do. But life comes and calls qu...

Radio Frequency Light Source

RF light sources follow the same principles of converting electrical power into visible radiation as conventional gas discharge lamps. The fundamental difference between RF lamps and conventional lam...

Optical Satellite Comunication

Satellite cross links generally require narrower bandwidths for increased power concentration. We can increase the power concentration by increasing the cross link frequency with the same size antenna...

Foot step power genration

Foot sterp power genration is a new way to genrate power without any fuel and can be very use full. Here pizioelectric crystall is use to genrate electrical enrgy throughty presser and then it will...

Electrical Hazards

Operating an electrical switch is like turning on a water faucet. Behind the faucet (or switch) there is a source of water (or electricity), a way to transport it, and pressure to make it flow. The fa...

Automatic Meter Reading

AMR (Automatic Meter Reading ) is the modern Power measuring device .it is being used in measuring electricity , gas , water consumption in many countries on the world since it has a lot of advantage...


A transducer is a device, usually electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electro-magnetic, photonic, or photovoltaic that converts one type of energy or physical attribute to another (generally e...

High Voltage Testing Of Transformer

A transformer is a static device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors—the transformer's coils. A varying current in the first or primar...


The electrochemical ultracapacitor is an emerging technology that promises to play an important role in meeting the demands of electronic devices and systems both now and in the future. This newly ava...

Nuclear Batterys

A burgeoning need exists today for small, compact, reliable, lightweight and self-contained rugged power supplies to provide electrical power in such applications as electric aut...

Solar Power Satellites And Microwave Power Transmission

Increasing global energy demand is likely to continue for many decades. Renewable energy is a compelling approach – both philosophically and in engineering terms. However, many renewable energy sour...

Magnetic Refrigeration

Magnetic refrigerants heat up when they are subjected to a magnetic field because the second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy - or disorder - of a closed system must increase with time...

Power Quality Disturbances

Power quality is an increasingly important issue for all business. A recent study by IBM showed that power quality problems cost US business more than $15 billion a year. The increased interest in pow...

Power Generation Using Speed Breakers.

In this model we show that how we can generate a voltage from the busy traffic. Conversion of the mechanical energy into electrical energy is widely used concept. mechanism to generate power by conve...

Electricity Billing System

A scheme of Electricity billing system called “PREPAID ENERGY METER WITH TARIFF INDICATOR” can facilitate in improved cash flow management in energy utilities and can reduces problem associated wit...

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