Energy Harvesting Trees

Solar Botanic will introduce artificial trees that make use of renewable energy from `the sun and wind, they are an efficient clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar radiation and wind energy. Here at SolarBotanic, they have amassed a wealth of information relating to SolarBotanic Trees and Nanoleaves and the field of photovoltaic thermovoltaic and piezovoltaic technology. we will be amazed how efficient these Trees are, how they make use of light, heat and wind and turn it into useable electricity for your home or car. In this biomimicry concept of trees are fitted with Nanoleaves, a combination of Nano photovoltaic- Nano thermovoltaic and Nanopiezo generators converting light, heat and wind energy into green electricity.These Nanoleaves convert the complete solar spectrum converting visible light, infrared and UV in combination with piezo electric generators that convert wind energy into electricity providing you with efficient, cost effective and aesthetic solutions, providing maximum electric power