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Hydrogen Wire Car

Cars are immensely complicated machines, but when you get down to it, they do an incredibly simple job. Most of the complex s...

Power Theft Detection

India, the largest democracy with an estimated population of about 1.04 billion, is on a road to rapid growth in economy. Energy, particularly electricity, is a key input for accelerating economic gro...

Circuit Breaker Maintenance by Mobile Agent Software Technology

Circuit breakers are crucial components for power system operation. The currently adapted time-directed maintenance strategy and the emerging new condition-based strategy require a flexible informatio...

Energy Harvesting Trees

Solar Botanic will introduce artificial trees that make use of renewable energy from `the sun and wind, they are an efficient clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar radiation and wi...

Moisture Measurement Technology

Public concepts of how to share and manage the finite supplies of water are changing. Increasing competition exists between power, irrigation, municipal, industrial, recreation,...

Fractal Robot

The principle behind Fractal Robots is very simple. You take some cubic bricks made of metals and plastics, motorize them, put some electronics inside them and cont...

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