New Technologies Used in Underground Cables

The electricity sector is facing enormous challenge in most countries around the world due to deregulation and growing demand on power. Efficient supply of electricity in restricted environment conditions has added more pressure on power utilities to operate increasingly on commercial terms. Therefore, utilities must develop greater flexibility and security in terms of supply and distribution of electricity in the most effective and environment-friendly way possible. Underground cables have the potential to reduce outages, maintenance cost and transmission losses.

In general transmission losses are lower with underground cables compared to overhead lines. Additionally, new underground cable technology with its unique characteristics of low impedance and ohmic loss enables a massive increase in power transmission capacity, underground cables can also deliver economic benefits where civil works are reduced by avoiding unnecessary digging, besides a big savings in tree pruning for local councils. This paper will demonstrate the potential impact of new technologies in underground cables on power transmission and distribution networks and examine other cable influence relating to power networks.

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    New Technologies Used in Underground Cables 2 years ago