Self Inflating Tyres System

Published : 01-01-2015 by : Pawan Janorkar

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Improve vehicle safety through technology: that is the objective achieved by the PIRELLI SAFETY WHEEL SYSTEM,and AIRGO SYSTEM a new development patented by Pirelli and Airgo to reduce risks derived from tyre punctures or loss of inflation pressure.This resulted in a new concept for tyres for improved safety ,comfort,fuel efficiency and the tyre which can be more flexible for drivers.

According to AAA, about 80 percent of the cars on the road are driving with one or more tires under inflated. Tires lose air through normal driving (especially after hitting pot holes or curbs), permeation and seasonal changes in temperature. They can lose one or two psi (pounds per square inch) each month in the winter and even more in the summer. And, you can't tell if they're properly inflated just by looking at them. You have to use a tire-pressure gauge.

Not only is under inflation bad for your tires, but it's also bad for your gas mileage, affects the way your car handles and is generally unsafe. When tires are under inflated, the tread wears more quickly. According to Goodyear, this equates to 15 percent fewer miles you can drive on them for every 20 percent that they're under inflated. Under inflated tires also overheat more quickly than properly inflated tires, which cause more tire damage. The faded areas below indicate areas of excessive tread wear.

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