Maglev Levitation Trains

Published : 01-01-2015 by : Vishal Dubey

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The report titled ‘MAGLEV TRAINS’ accomplishes a research on the developing discipline of magnetic levitation and its application to transportation through trains. It provides detailed information about the evolution of maglev science, its progression and improvisation till date. High-speed magnetically levitated ground transportation (maglev) is a new surface mode of transportation, in which vehicles glide above their guideways, suspended, guided, and propelled by magnetic forces. This report tries to explain the complexities involved in this technology in a simple but precise manner, so that all the methods implemented in it are understood by the reader at prima facie. This report, tries to compare the conventional modes of transport with maglev trains in various aspects such as safety, durability, speed, comfort and so on. Thus, providing the advantages and disadvantages of the trains. Further, this report helps us to learn about the various cities around the world, where maglev trains currently run and also provides an overview of the proposals for such trains, which are being considered as a promising investment globally. Consecutively, it deals with the accidents that have occurred at places where maglev trains have been implemented and the reasons that triggered them. This data has been included so that such incidents may be avoided in the future and in order that certain necessary modifications are made to improve the safety measures of these trains. Capable of travelling at speeds of 250 to 300 miles-per-hour or higher, maglev would offer an attractive and convenient alternative for travellers between large urban areas for trips of up to 600 miles. It would also help relieve current and projected air and highway congestion by substituting for short-haul air trips, thus releasing capacity for more efficient long-haul service at crowded airports, and by diverting a portion of highway trips. Finally, our report gives a peek into the future expansions of maglev trains and thus undoubtedly assures its readers that maglev trains are no longer a science fiction, and are in fact the future of world transportation.

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