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Hero-Honda Joint Venture

Hero Cycles manufactured Over 16000 Bicycles a day.They Sold about 86 million bicycles in aggregate as of 2002. They had nurtured an excellent network of dealers to serve India’s expansive market...

Fuel Dilution

Fuel in the oil reduces the oil’s life expectancy and effectiveness .Because diesel fuel is a natural solvent, fuel dilution in motor oil causes a decrease in viscosity which may lead to an incre...

Orbital Welding

Orbital welding first found use in the 1960’s when the aerospace industry recognized the need for a superior joining technique for aircraft hydrolic lines. The solution: a mechanism to rotate a w...

Hybrid Design Electrothermal Polymeric Microgripper with Integrated Force Sensor

Microgrippers are typical MEMS devices used to pick, hold and transport micro-objects. Microgrippers are widely used in the field of micro-assembly, micro-surgery and manipulation of micro-particle...

Green Engine Technology

Green Engine is a six phase internal engine having a very higher expansion ratio ,higher thermal efficiency,with nearly zero emissions , quietness ,light and small in size ,lower cost with a capabi...


This paper proposes a state of the art manufacturing procedure for customized artificial limbs and joints. Amazed?? Read on. The technique described in this paper tries to utilize the advanced Comput...

Helicopter Aerodynamics

Helicopters are the most versatile flying machines in existence today. This versatility gives the pilot complete access to three-dimensional space in a way that no airplane can due to aerodynamics....

Magnetic Nano Composite Materials for High Temperature Applications

Magnetic nanocomposites comprised of nano-sized magnetic crystals embedded in an amorphous matrix have been shown to have excellent soft magnetic properties. In particular, amorphous and nano cryst...

The New Smart Eraser Design

The paper puts forward a kind of mechanism design scheme, the mechanism can automatically detect the blackboard chalk stains, and erase the font, keep the blackboard clean. In this paper, the hardw...


Energy sources from which power can be derived again & again ie; a journey to Infinity are termed as Renewable Energy Sources. It is a concept being implemented globally to combat the crisis of...

Stealth Aircraft Technology

Stealth aircraft are aircraft that use stealth technology to interfere with radar detection as well as means other than conventional aircraft by employing a comb...

Rotary Engine

The Wankel rotary engine is a type of internal combustion engine, invented by German engineer Felix Wankel, which uses a rotor instead of reciprocating pistons. This design delivers smooth high-rpm...

Laser Ignition For Combustion Engines

International Paper Presentation Organized by International Lasers Users Council (ILUC). With the advent of lasers in the 1960s, researcher and engineers discovered a new and powerful tool to i...

Gas Turbine Blade Cooling

Of the various means of producing mechanical power, the turbine is in many respects the most satisfactory. The absence of reciprocating and rubbing members means that balancing problems are few, th...

Nano IC Engine

One billionth of one and one third of micro ,to be precise 10-9m. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Nano technology in mechanical field is the internal...

Wind Power Generation

This paper deals with wind power generation and the problems that arise in generation. As energy crisis is very high in case of developing countries like India,...

Optimization of Machining Techniques in CNC Turning Centre Using Genetic Algorithm

In a manufacturing industry, machining process is to shape the metal parts by removing unwanted material. During the machining process of any part given quality specifications such as surface finis...

Automatic Screw Jack

Screw type mechanical jacks were very common for jeeps and trucks of World War II vintage. For example, the World War II jeeps were issued the "Jack, Automobile, Screw type, Capacity 1 and 1/2 ton"...

DTS-I Technology

It is very interesting to know about complete combustion in automobile engineering, because in actual practice, perfect combustion is not at all possible due to various losses in the combustion cha...

Automatic Street Light Powered Through Speed Breaker - Project

Street light automation is quite common these days, but generating the required energy for the streetlight from the speed breaker is latest trend in the technology. Therefore, the aim is to generat...

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