Oil Mist Lubrication

Oil Mist is an aerosol with an appearance of smoke or fog. Oil Mist systems are made up of several simple but effective components, which can supply the proper lubrication for electric motor bearings. The main components of an Oil Mist system are the generator head or venturi, reclassifiers, vents and drains. Passing high velocity air over an orifice that pulls oil into an air stream creates the oil mist. Later the technology was extended in a limited fashion to the petrochemical industry. Initial applications were for process pump lubrication. A great deal of caution was exercised with the new technology and while progress was made, it was slow. Experience in recent years has shown that many of the early concerns were not really applicable and that oil mist lubrication is a very efficient and reliable method for attaining optimum bearing life. applications, pure mist for lubrication and purge mist for preservation. The equipment and its operating conditions determine the type of mist application that should be used. Due to its advantages, whenever possible, pure mist is recommended to lubricate rotating equipment.Oil Mist is a centralized system in which the energy of compressed gas, usually air taken from the plant supply, is used to atomize oil. Oil is then conveyed by the air in a low pressure distribution system to multiple points of lubricant application.