Nitro Shock Absorber

For a smooth and comfortable ride the disturbing forces should be eliminated or reduced considerably by using some devices. Shock absorbers are such devices which isolate the vibrations by absorbing some disturbing energy themselves. Of the many types telescopic shocks are widely used which has got the draw back that the flow of oil in the cylinder can cause foam of oil and air to form.

These limit the optimum throughout of the flow in the valves. Gas shocks represent an advance over traditional shocks. Nitrogen filled gas shock absorbers are the results of years of extensive research and development with top flight shock design engineers.

They are designed for both lowered and stock vehicles to provide shock absorbers that would out perform anything on the market today. Nitro shock absorbers are high quality, nitrogen filled shocks designed and gas charged specifically for each vehicle application. The addition of nitrogen under pressure limits the foaming effect and increases efficiency.