Fuel From Waste Plastic

Plastic is a marvel of polymer chemistry, plastics have become an indispensable part of our daily life. But repeated reprocessing of plastic waste, and its disposal cause environmental problems, pose health hazards, in addition to being a public nuisance. The biggest current threat to the conventional plastics industry is likely to be environmental concerns, including the release of toxic pollutants, greenhouse gas and non-biodegrable landfill impact as a result of the production and disposal of petroleum and petroleum based plastics. Various methodologies have been tried and tested to process waste plastics for many years, with recycling becoming the most common method reflecting today’s environmental requirements. Liquefaction of plastic is a superior method of reusing this resource. The distillate product is an excellent fuel and makes ThermoFuel one of the best, economically feasible and environmentally sensitive recycling systems in the world today. ThermoFuel diesels can be used in any standard diesel engine, trucks, buses, trains, boats, heavy equipment and generators.