Blue eyes technology

Human error is still one of the most frequent causes of catastrophes and ecological disasters. The main reason is that the monitoring systems concern only the state of the processes whereas human contribution to the overall performance of the system is left unsupervised. Since the control instruments are automated to a large extent, a human – operator becomes a passive observer of the supervised system, which results in weariness and vigilance drop. This, he may not notice important changes of indications causing financial or ecological consequences and a threat to human life. It therefore is crucial to assure that the operator’s conscious brain is involved in an active system supervising over the whole work time period. It is possible to measure indirectly the level of the operator’s conscious brain involvement using eye motility analysis. Although there are capable sensors available on the market, a complex solution enabling transformation, analysis and reasoning based on measured signals still does not exist. In large control rooms, wiring the operator to the central system is a serious limitation of his mobility and disables his operation. Utilization of wireless technology becomes essential. Blue Eyes is intended to be the complex solution for monitoring and recording the operator’s conscious brain involvement as well as his Physiological condition. This required designing a Personal Area Network linking all the Operators and the supervising system. As the operator using his sight and hearing senses the state of the controlled system, the supervising system will look after his physiological condition.