Automatic Dependent Surveillance

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) is an air traffic surveillance technology that enables aircraft to be accurately tracked by air traffic controllers and other pilots without the need for conventional radar. While the initial application of ADS-B is to provide high quality surveillance for air traffic control, it also facilitates a number of advanced air-to-air applications that will in future significantly improve safety and performance of aircraft operations. ADS-B is a system in which electronic equipment onboard an aircraft automatically broadcasts the precise location of the aircraft via a digital data link. The data can be used by other aircraft and air traffic control to show the aircraft’s position and altitude on display screens without the need for radar. The system involves an aircraft with ADS-B determining its position using GPS. A suitable transmitter then broadcasts that position at rapid intervals, along with identity, altitude, velocity and other data. Dedicated ADS-B grounds stations receive the broadcasts and relay the information to air traffic control for precise tracking of the aircraft.