Pavement Quality Concrete

In accordance with Queensland Government policy, agency officers administering building project commissions through the whole-of-Government Prequalification (PQC) System are required to monitor and ensure that reports are undertaken on the performance of building industry consultants. At the same time, the Conditions of Prequalification require prequalified building industry consultants to contribute to the completion of performance reports on the services they provide. A proforma performance report is available for this purpose and is provided at Attachment 1. Performance reports are used to review a consultant’s technical and management performance as well as compliance with contractual, statutory and prequalification requirements.

The reports provide the opportunity to monitor the progress of the commission and if necessary take preventative or corrective action to achieve agreed project outcomes. The reports also provide the PQC Registrar with valuable information and feedback on a consultant’s performance.

Where a performance report identifies superior performance by a consultant, there is a mechanism for the consultant to be rewarded through increased opportunities to submit proposals for other commissions (refer Consultant PQC: Invitation and Selection guideline). Similarly, unsatisfactory performance will result in sanctions being applied, thereby reducing the consultant’s invitations to submit proposals for other commissions.

Pavement quality concrete is that concrete which is used mostly for highways and road constructions and it differs form normal conventional concrete by using 32mm aggregate.
This type of concrete requires little more cement content as compared to that normal concrete and is mostly designed for M45 or M50 or M60 grade of concrete
It is suitable for heavy traffic volume and mostly for construction of national highway.
PQC Thickness Min 300mm to 500mm