Automated Electronic Mock Examination

A mock examination is “used to practice for the real one” and thus it is taken before an official examination. In such a mock exam the marks do not count, i.e. this “trial examination” does not count for credit. A mock examination is often given to the same standards and under the same controlled conditions as the official examination. Hence, it gives students opportunity to practice for the later, important examination, to get an idea of the types of questions asked, and to get used to regulations and locations of the official examination. Furthermore, students can practice to work under time pressure with only those aids allowed to be used in the official Examination. Another, even more important aim of mock examinations is to provide the students with information on their actual learning progress. Students get an idea of what they still need to learn. Due to the time gap of usually a few days to a few weeks between mock and official examination, there is still the opportunity to fill these knowledge gaps.


Development of Smart Case for a health monitoring system with RFduino has been discussed in this section. Dry sensor measurement of electrophysiological signals is of a great interest in healthcare setting. Moreover, it overcomes the disadvantages of conventional gel based sensors. The existing system is not hindering the natural activity of the target and may cause skin irritation but also bulky and expensive. Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensors can measure the electric field deviation without any physical contact with the skin. It can detect electrocardiograms (ECG) in a non-contact manner . Therefore we have compared the results of our system with EPIC sensor.


• Helps the Students to prepare well for the exams.

• User friendly and handy to Use.

• Can store the results for continues improvements.

• Good Resource utilization.

• Efficient.


• This Exam is not for writings.

• Every time need to update the database, need minimum technical knowledge.

• Database should be Secured.

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    Automated Electronic Mock Examination

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