Harmonic Reduction in Power System

The term harmonics referred to Power quality in ideal world would mean how pure the voltage is, how pure the current waveform is in its sinusoidal form. Power quality is very important to commercial and industrial power system designs. Ideally, the electrical supply should be a perfect sinusoidal waveform without any kind of distortion. If the current or voltage waveforms are distorted from its ideal form it will be termed as harmonic distortion. This harmonic distortion could result because of many reasons. In today’s world, prime importance is given by the engineers to derive a method to reduce the harmonic distortion. Harmonic distortion was very less in the past when the designs of power systems were very simple and conservative. But, nowadays with the use of complex designs in the industry harmonic distortion has increased aswell.

This project explains the effects of Harmonics in the Power System and steps to reduce the effects of Harmonics. This project will also explain how Harmonic distortion is one of the most important problems associated with power quality and creates several disturbances to the Power System. It includes the Harmonic reduction techniques to improve the power quality and it will also include the simulation for the same.

This project also explains different types of inverters that are used in the Power System. During the transformation from DC to AC, harmonics affect the the power quality a lot. How harmonic reduction will improve the power quality will be explained in detail.

As always, the main objective of the power system would be generation of electrical energy to the end user. Also, associated with power system generation is the term power quality. So much emphasis has been given to power quality that it is considered as a separate area of power engineering. There are many reasons for the importance given to the power quality. One of the main reason is, the consumers are well informed about the power quality issues like interruptions, sagging and switching transients. Also, many power systems are internally connected into a network.

Due to this integration if a failure exists in any one of the internal network it would result into unfavourable consequences to the whole power system. In addition to all this, with the microprocessor based controls, protective devices become more sensitive towards power quality variation than were the past generation protective devices.  

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    Harmonic Reduction in Power System

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