Animal Tracking and Gps System

GPS is one of the technologies that are used in a huge number of applications today. One of the applications is tracking animal a keeps regular monitoring on them. This tracking system can inform you the location and route travelled by animal, and that information can be observed from any other remote location. It also includes the web application that provides you exact location of target. This system enables us to track target in any weather conditions. This system uses GPS and GSM technologies. A method for tracking animals using a terrestrial system similar to GPS is presented. This system enables simultaneous tracking of thousands of animals with transmitters that are lighter, longer lasting, more accurate and cheaper than other automatic positioning tags. 

The main aim of this project is to develop an animal health monitoring system (AHMS) which is capable to the measuring of body temperature, rumination, and heart rate parameters with environmental parameters (surrounding temperature and humidity) & tracking position of animal.


There is no product in the market for the real time animal health monitoring. Mostly veterinary staff checks the physiological parameters through manually. Currently livestock farmer’s faces lot of problem on monitoring the health of livestock and thus modifications are being persistently recommended in instrumentation. Mostly available system focuses only on heart rate measurement to predict of the animals.


The circuit that we are using makes this system automatic, novel design goal of the animal health monitoring system with a capability to monitor heart rate, body temperature, and rumination with surrounding temperature and humidity. This information provide to veterinary staff.


The animal health monitoring system has the following main components:-

Gsm & Gps, Power supply (3.3v) , Probes ,Connection probe ,Transistor ,Light Emitting Diode , Diode, Capacitor, Resistors keill softer etc.


The animal health monitoring system designed in this project diagnosis the Health Problem of Animals . However, Human cannot able to identify the actual health problem related to Animals, so this project will help to us. There will be the possibility of robbery of Animals so tracking provision of Animals is involved in this system.