5 Pen PC Technology

When writing a quick note, pen and paper are still the most natural to use. The 5 pen pc technology with digital pen and paper makes it possible to get a digital copy of handwritten information, and have it sent to digital devices via Bluetooth.

P-ISM (³Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package´), which is nothing but the new discovery which is under developing stage by NEC Corporation. It is simply a new invention in computer and it is associated with communication field. Surely this will have a great impact on the computer field. In this device you will find Bluetooth as the main interconnecting device between different peripherals.

P-ISM is a gadget package including five functions: a pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting data input function, virtual keyboard, a very small projector, camera scanner, and personal ID key with cashless pass function. P-ISMs are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. This personal gadget in a minimalist pen style enables the ultimate ubiquitous computing.

Working Principle

A computer that utilizes an electronic pen (called a stylus) rather than a keyboard for input. Pen computers generally require special operating systems that support handwriting recognition so that users can write on the screen or on a tablet instead of typing on a keyboard. Most pen computers are hand-held devices, which are too small for a full-size keyboard.

How does it work?

The P-ISM (Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package) consists of a package of 5 pens that all have unique functions, combining together to create virtual computing experience by producing both monitor and keyboard on any flat surfaces from where you can carry out functions that you would normally do on your desktop computer. P-ISM’s are connected with one another via a short-range (Bluetooth) wireless technology. The whole set is connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function.

The five components of P-ISM:

1. CPU pen:

The functionality of CPU is done by one of the pens. It is also called computing engine.

2. Communication pen:

P-ISMs are connected with one another through short-range wirelesstechnology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phonefunction. They are connected through Tri-wireless modes (Bluetooth, 802.11B/G, andCellular) which are made small and kept in a small pen like device.

3. Virtual keyboard:

The virtual keyboard works on any flat surface which uses a camera to track the finger movements. On this specific keyboard, this is done by a 3D IR sensor technology with laser technology to get a full size keyboard. You can also change the language input and the layout of the keyboard. This is more efficient than normal keyboards because you don’t have to buy a new keyboard for every language. They are also easy to maintain as they are prone to damage by spills, drops and other malfunctions.

4. LED projector:

The role of the monitor is taken by the LED projector. LED projectors use LCD technologies for image creation with a difference as they use an array of Light Emitting Diodes as the light source, negating the need for lamp replacement. Also it would not need as much energy to used and with a longer lifetime. The size of the screen is approximately 1024 × 768 px which is a size of an A4 paper.

5.Digital camera:

We had digital camera in the shape of pen .It is useful in video recording, videoconferencing; simply it is called as web cam. It is also connected with other devices through Bluetooth. The major advantage it is small which is easily portable. It is a 360- Degree Visual Communication Device. We have seen video phones hundreds of times in movies. Conventional visual communications at a distance have been limited due to the display devices and terminals. This terminal enables showing of the surrounding atmosphere and group-to-group communication with a round display and a central super-wide-angle camera.