Green Building

Key Words: Green Building, Sustainable Development, Designing, Construction, Economical Shelter is one of the most important things which is essential for human beings. As the civilization developed construction evolved from caves to huge multi-storeyed buildings. In this realm of social and economic development environmental change has become inevitable and it compelled for new effective means of achieving new levels of efficiency and sustainability. Shelter is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. The need to own a place for living is also seen in animals and birds. In the beginning of human civilization man used to live in caves and on trees, gradually he has identified materials suitable for construction like clay, stone and timber. Basic purpose of these dwellings is to protect man from weather and predators. These houses made way for larger inhabitations like castles, forts and palaces which had built in mechanism for providing sunlight and fresh air. As the time went on, man with his knowledge invented latest technologies and materials which helped him in construction of different types of buildings. These buildings and the materials used for construction brought rapid changes in the environment. Limitation of space, growth of population and rapid urbanization lead to community dwelling culture which increased problems like CFC emissions, insufficient ventilation, increase of waste materials during construction and maintenance of house arouse.