Jini Technology

Jini technology provides a simple infrastructure for delivering services in a network and for creating spontaneous interaction between programs that use these services regardless of their hardware/software implementation.

Any kind of network made up of services (applications, database, servers, devices, printers, storage, etc.) and clients(request of services) of those services can be assembled, disassembled, and maintained on the network using Jini Technology. Services can be added or removed from the network and new clients can find existing services.

Jini technology is architecture for construction of systems from objects and networks. The Jini architecture lets programs use services in a network without knowing anything about the wire protocol that the service uses.

One line implementation of a service might be XML-based and another RMI-based, third CORBA-based. The client is, in effect, taught by each service how to talk to it. A service is defined by its programming API, declared as a Java programming language interface.

Jini is a simple set of Java classes and services that has the potential to create its own revolution because it allows technology to be exploited in new ways.

Created by Sun Microsystems as software for networking in all sorts of electronic devices, services, and applications, Jini lets them join up easily, seamlessly and gracefully - it is a sort of plug-and-play capability for spontaneously forming networks of heterogeneous equipment to share code and configurations transparently.

And Jini has the potential to radically alter our use of computer service networks, since it allows and encourages new types of services and new uses of existing networks.

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