Hills Train Power Generation & Automatic Railway gate control

Two layers of barriers are employed to enhance the safety. The innermost gate operated first and later the other one also closed. When the train moves over the track, the rack arrangement between the tracks employed in the hill stations, mesh up with the gear which is coupled to a generator to generate electric energy. While running in upward direction, this generated energy can also be feed back to the generator and which acts as motor and improves the locomotion of the train.

This can be implemented in manned level crossings also, as manual errors can be eliminated by automation.The generated energy can be used for interior purpose for train.

Now a day’s in every railway gate operate by gate operator close the gate & indicate green flag to proceed the train. In our project the gates are completely automated.

In this project, we are minimising the accidents by using electronic equipment’s. Two Proximity sensors is used & output of the first Proximity Sensor is locate near to the gate it receives the signal from arrival of the train. And send output signal to microcontroller. This send signal to motor driver then motors rotates in clockwise direction, and gate is closed.

Second sensor is locate another side of gate this are sense departure of the train &send signal to microcontroller. Microcontroller send signal to motor driver. This motor drive rotates motor for open or close gate. Two pair of gates are used to improve the security. The outermost gates are placed in 50mtrs. The train is also equipped with power generation setup, which can be used for many applications.

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    Hills Train Power Generation & Automatic Railway gate control

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