Concept Types and Application of Six Stroke Engine

The quest for an engine which having the same or more power with higher fuel efficiency than the existing ones has started before many years. There is, at this day, no wonder solution for the replacement of the internal combustion engine. Only improvements of the current technology can help it progress within reasonable time and financial limits. Lot of research works are conducting on this topic nowadays and billions of explosion engines are working day and night worldwide As a result of all these researches a new engine concept is formed, which is a six stroke engine.

During every cycle in a typical four stroke engine, piston moves up and down twice in the chamber, resulting in four total strokes and one of which is the power stroke that provides the torque to move the vehicle. But in a six stroke engine there are six strokes and out of these there are two power strokes. The automotive industry may soon be revolutionized by a new six-stroke design which adds a second power stroke, resulting in much more efficiency with less amount of pollution. 

Its adoption by the automobile industry would have a tremendous impact on the environment and world economy, assuming up to 40% reduction in fuel consumption and 60% to 90% in polluting emissions, depending on the type of fuel being used. Fuel consumption for mid-sized cars should be within 4 and 5 liters per 100 k.m. and 3 to 4 liters for the small-sized cars. Automobiles equipped with the six-stroke engine could appear in the market within 3 to 5 years. And it has its applications also in motorboats, motor-pumps, generator sets, stationary engines, etc....intended for agriculture and industry.

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    Concept Types and Application of Six Stroke Engine

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