Light Sensing Robot

The light following robot is a capable of detecting and following the light source on the traveling path. It is developed without the help of a micro-controller for providing easier connections and understanding of the circuit. It requires fewer numbers of electronic components and very cost-effective as well. The concept of this light following robot is very simple. It includes two photodiodes, one on the right and other on the left. When the light falls on the right photodiode, the robot will move on the right side. Similarly, the robot will move on the left side when the light falls on the left photodiode.

The Lego light sensor measures the light intensity within its field of view. The field of view is cone-shaped, meaning that the farther the light sensor is from the mat, the larger the elliptical portion of the mat that is within its field of view Navigating by light sensors allows the robot to predetermine its location and orientation, and remove most of the accumulated errors. In the mechanical part, the base of the mobile robot will be designed and fabricated. In the electrical part, there are , PIC microcontroller board and motor controller circuit. For software part, the robot will be programmed in Microcontroller.