Wind Power Plant

Among the replenish able source as an alternative to fossil fuels, wind energy is also in equal race. The power generation on the large scale using the wind as a source of energy is not yet so successful but it is forecasted that the small wind power units will play a vital role in the present condition of shortage. The development of village is one major phase of the national development and this can be achieved through wind power. The power requirement for irrigation, lighting, small industrial units can be fulfilled with the use of wind energy provided sufficient wind is available. The wind on earth surface are caused primarily by the unequal heating of the land and the water by the sun. The differences in temperature gradients induce the circulation of air from one zone to another. It has been estimated that roughly 10 million MWs of energy are continuously available in the earth’s winds. The utilisation of some of this energy through various mechanical conversion devices has played a decisive role in the economic development of many countries where winds are strong and steady.

Windmills had been widely used in Persia, China, Europe and the USA for pumping water and grinding grains. Efficient wind electric generators were after developed in USA , thousands of which produced electricity for farms and homes. A windmill converts the K.E. energy of moving air mass into mechanical motion that can be either used directly to run the machine or to turn the generator to produce electricity.