RF Based Home Automation

Home automation is a famous and most used technology in the world. The main object of this project is to develop a home automation system with a four button key fob transmitter by using RF (Radio Frequency) technology.

Nowadays, houses are gradually shifting from normal switches to centralized control system, involving a remote control transmitter. This technology is not only easy to use but also helps to prevent missuses of energy. Remote control (key fob) transmitter is small and very light weight, which will work from a decent distance. It helps elderly people to control switches from anywhere up to 75 feet. This four button key fob transmitter is also very productive for commercial uses in Industrial and medical systems.

To accomplish this object, it is designed into two parts. Both the parts have individual toggle type receivers but they work in same frequency. One of these toggle receivers works individually with some of the home appliances but the other one interfaced to an Arduino Uno Rev3 microcontroller to convert the signals from toggle to latching format. Arduino IDE software has been used to compile some programs related to the microcontroller ATmega328.

This project can be upgraded by using GSM modem, which can control home appliances by sending an SMS through a mobile or a computer. Benefit of using this technology is there will not be any range limitation compared to Radio Frequency technology.