Wireless Solar Mobile Charger

This becomes very inconvenient for people on the road or occupied with work. In order to recharge the phone, people must bring wall phone chargers. The newest technology of solar phone chargers is a separate device that uses a small solar panel to absorb light and then transfer to the phone. This process still forces customers to carry around another device along with their cell phones.

Our project goal is to develop a miniature solar panel to be installed onto the cell phone itself. This way, the phone can charge independently; independent of power outlets and independent of wires. There won’t be any need for electrical outlets or portable solar panels. The mobile phone will be able to charge anywhere outside or where it is exposed to sun light. A miniature solar cell will be built into the phone and able to absorb enough sunlight to charge the device while in use.

Being liberated from wires and power outlets is just one of the many advantages of having solar panels on cell phones. As the world’s resources are diminishing, governments are encouraging for a green movement to help conserve the limited supply. Solar energy is gaining popularity because of the free and abundant energy. This fact alone will save customers money on their electric bills. The energy is also clean and produces no hazardous waste like some of the other power generation resources.