Cybernetic Organism

CYBORG, a compound word derived from cybernetics and organism, is a term coined by Manfred Clynes in 1960 to describe the need for mankind to artificially enhance biological functions in order to survive in the hostile environment of Space. Originally, a CYBORG referred to a “Human being with bodily functions aided or controlled by technological devices, such as an oxygen tank, artificial heart valve or insulin pump”. Over the years, the term has acquired a more general meaning, describing the dependence of human beings on technology. In this sense, CYBORG can be used to characterize anyone who relies on a computer to complete his or her daily work.

What is CYBORG

A CYBORG is a Cybernetic Organism, part human part machine. This concept is bit tricky but let see an example of a CYBORG, You may have seen the movie TERMINATOR. In that ARNOLD was a CYBORG. He was part man part machine. Well definition exactly says this, CYBORG can be made by technology known as CYBERNETICS. What is CYBERNETICS? To understand CYBORG this is the first step next we will see this.


  • Cybernetics is a word coined by group of scientists led by Norbert Wiener and made popular by Wiener's book of 1948, Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine. 
  • Based on the Greek "kybernetes," meaning steersman or governor, cybernetics is the science or study of control or regulation mechanisms in human and machine systems, including computers. 
  • CYBERNETICS could be thought of as a recently developed science, although to some extent it cuts across existing sciences. If we think of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. as traditional sciences, then Cybernetics is a classification, which cuts across them all. 
  • Cybernetics is formally defined as the science of control and communication in animals, men and machines. It extracts, from whatever context, that which is concerned with information processing and control. ... One major characteristic of Cybernetics is its preoccupation with the construction of models and here it overlaps operational research. Cybernetic models are usually distinguished by being hierarchical, adaptive and making permanent use of feedback loops.
  • Cybernetics in some ways is like the science of organization, with special emphasis on the dynamic nature of the system being organized."

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