SMS Based Notice Board - Project

In present digitalized world, the exploit of GSM and SMS is popular. Notice Board is primary thing in any institution / organization or public utility places like bus stations, railway stations and parks. But sticking various notices day-to-day is a difficult process. A separate person is required to take care of this notices display. A new display using the GSM technology to access the display’s is one of the new technologies in the embedded field to make the communication between microcontroller and mobile.

From the past many years we are seeing the notices of the college, companies, offices is usually displayed on the normal board having number of notices written on the same board. So we were thinking that if all these notices are displayed at the same place one by one except occupying the whole board area. So we come to the conclusion to design a Notice board such that it can fulfill the requirements such as less manual operation, same notice can be displayed at the various places at the same time, the notice (board display) should be visible from maximum area or distance, compact and compatible, easy handling.

Market research analysts are predicting that the wireless technologies will eventually become more widespread than the various wired solutions. The wireless communications present the ideal solution for the home network .This increasing demand of getting wireless can be seen not only in the field communication but also in the transferring information and data. The cell phones which are the best example of wireless data and voice transfer can be used for many other purposes that can replace the traditional system. One simple way of using this wireless communication is to use a simple cell phone for sending messages. Our administrator uses a simple GSM based handset for sending messages to different display stations which are located far away from him. The GSM modem used at the receiver end is used to receive the messages and LCD to display them. As we are using mobile for sending messages, it’s easy to handle and operate. As it's a wireless transmission the system has very less errors and maintenance. With greater efficiency we can display the messages at various places like public transports, crowded cities and advertisement of chain restaurants. We can use this displaying system at distant area where our wire or manpower can go easily.GSM and GPRS based designs have developed another innovative and Public Utility Product for mass communication. This is a Wireless Scrolling Message Electronic Display Board, which displays the messages, received as SMS or GPRS Packet.

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