Obstacle Avoiding Robot - Project

Robotics is part of Todays communication. In today’s world ROBOTICS is fast growing and interesting field. It is simplest way for latest technology modification. Now a days communication is part of advancement of technology, so we decided to work on ROBOTICS field, and design something which will make human life simpler in day today aspect. Thus we are supporting this cause.

This project is basic stage of any automatic robot. This ROBOT has sufficient intelligence to cover the maximum area of provided space. It has a infrared sensor which are used to sense the obstacles coming in between the path of ROBOT. It will move in a particular direction and avoid the obstacle which is coming in its path.

We have used two D.C motors to give motion to the ROBOT. The construction of the ROBOT circuit is easy and small .The electronics parts used in the ROBOT circuits are easily available and cheap too

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  • Rajdeep Janorkar

    Obstacle Avoiding Robot - Project 1 month ago