Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a radio frequency specification for short range, point to point and point to multi point voice and data transfer. Bluetooth technology facilitates the replacement of cables normally used to connect one device to another by a short range radio link. With the help of blue tooth we can operate our keyboard and mouse without direct connection of CPU. Printers, fax machines, headphone, mouse, keyboard or any other digital devices can be part of Bluetooth system.

In spite of facilitating the replacement of cables, Bluetooth technology works as an universal medium to bridge the existing data networks, a peripheral interface for existing devices and provide a mechanism to form short ad hok network of connected devices away from fixed network infrastructures.

Due to their independence on short range radio link, Bluetooth devices do not require a line of site connection in order to communicate. Therefore a computer can print information on a printer if printer is in inside the room. Two blue tooth devices can talk to each other when they come within range of 10 meters to each other.

Bluetooth technology represents an opportunity for the industry to deliver wireless solutions that are ubiquitous across a broad range of devices.

Why it’s name is Bluetooth?

While many new technologies bear technical names, like RS-232 or IEEE802.11b, Bluetooth, the wireless technology, is different.

Bluetooth was named for the 10th Century Viking king , Harald Blatand(A.K.A., Bluetooth) who peacefully united all the tiny island kingdoms ofDenmark, southern Sweden, and southern Norway into one country . Inkeeping with its namesake, Bluetooth, the new low-cost radio technology, isdesigned to unite or connect all different types of devices to effectively workas one. By uniting devices, Bluetooth eliminates the need for cabling in awide range of products, including cellular phones, PCs, headphones, audio equipment, printers, and many more.

How Bluetooth Technology Work

The technology of Bluetooth centers around a 9mm x 9mm microchip, which functions as a low cost and short range radio link. Bluetooth Technology provide a 10 meter personal bubble that support simultaneous transmission of both voice and data for multiple devices. Up to 8 devices can be connected in a piconet, and uo to 10 piconets can exist within the 10 meter bubble. Each piconet support up to 3 simultaneous full duplex voice devices.

The gross data rate is 1 Mb/s, but the actual data rate are 432 kbps for full duplex transmission,721/56kbps for asymmetric transmission, and 384 kbps for tms2000 transmission.

Bluetooth wireless technology is designed to be as secure as a wire with up to 128-bit public/private key authentication, and streaming cipher up to 64 bit based on a5 security.

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