Air Cargo Tracking System

Air cargo tracking system is an online system for transporting various goods from one place to another and also viewing the customer about the current status of cargo or shipment to know if it is either on transit or delivered to the appropriate destination. This chapter entails the computer application in the courier services in our economy considering the trendy nature and advancement in the use and application of computer in our major industries emphasis is drawn mostly to the courier industries (multi-nationals), however (Okafor, 2003), defined the computer as an electronic device, which receives input according to a set of previously, supplied instruction called programs.

The management of shipments / goods in Nigeria has over the years attracted poor patronage as a result of error that the loss of exporters shipment is now the order of the day. As a result of eagerness exporters would prefer to view the current status of their cargo to know whether it is on transit or delivered to his appropriate destination but since there are so many activities involved. There may be delay in information about the shipment and this does not portray the image of the company in a good way. The airport system must have strong internal control as lack of these control results in fraudulent activities, and capable employees should be hired and trained to keep up with the pace in the society, as lack of these will result to competence.


The need for the existing system to be replaced with a friendlier and more ease to use computer based software application motivated this study. There are several applications in existence for air cargo tracking system, however, there is always room for improvement. This research is intended to develop a system with reduced complexity and greater ease of use, in order to enhance maintainability while still retaining good speed and accuracy.


The aims and objectives of this study is to design and implement and air cargo tracking system that will make provision for the following:

• To ensure that its operations are carried out efficiently, effectively and profitably to generate significant amount of contributions to the national economy and that of the company and also quick access of data and accurate information about the current status of shipment to the exporter.

• To expand into new and related areas of activity or areas that are a logical development of the skills knowledge and competence in where at in the business.

• To be receivable and capable of providing an up to date information about the current status of shipments relevant to the exporters, importers and forwarding agent.

• To affect a simpler handling of bill of laden and updating of exporters manifest, checking of fraud and other criminal acts which leads to security and control.