Atomic Battery Design and Technology

The Atomic Nuclear Battery is a new generation of power-generating devices based on the concept of producing electrical power from radio isotopic fuel sources. It is alleged by Executive engineering that recent innovations in both materials and technology have made such devices feasible to generate electrical power in a very efficient manner. Currently, MEMS laboratory is utilising the advanced techniques necessary for the fabrication of the Nuclear accelerated generating devices.

Atomic Batteries

Until recently we did not have the technology to build Nano nuclear battery technology. Previously there were many limitations on the quantity of power that could be extracted from a nuclear battery. But with the advent of new technologies it is now possible to make extremely small Nano nuclear batteries that produce power in multi watt level and produce negligible heat in day to day operation. The new nuclear technology makes them viable in all kinds of electronic devices. The NAGs can be scaled to reach power levels even into thousands of watts if required.

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    Atomic Battery Design and Technology

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