Potable Water From Industrial Wastewater

Textile is one of the major pollutingindustries in Bangladeshandthe effluentfrom the dyeing and finishing section is a major source of water pollution. Its effect is becoming more evidentwith the increase in the number of textiles in the country. Thewaste waterswhichare characterizedby high alkalinity, high BOD and high suspended solidsare often disposed offto nearbyrivers, ponds or lakes without proper treatment. They contaminate and decrease the amount of fresh water in addition to causing serious damage to ecology andaquaticlives.

Therefore,underthe circumstances it will be helpful to think of ways to treatthe textile wastewater so that it can be reused. wastewater from asynthetic fabric dyeing and finishing plantin the laboratory and to establish a treatment procedure toconvert thewastewater into potable gradewaterin the laboratory.

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    Potable Water From Industrial Wastewater 2 years ago