Cryptography-Advance Network Security

Technology is on the ascendancy ever since it came to the foray. New and innovative technologies have been invented all over the world across all sorts of platforms. With such advanced technology around there are also an adverse side to it, security treats are most common nowadays leaving the network fragile and vulnerable. Of late we have been hearing stories of hacker attack at various important government organizations and defense websites. There should be a proper security measures to counter these malicious attacks.

The concept of data security has attained an extremely paramount importance in this modern cyber world. The present scenario is very much vulnerable to unexpected malicious attacks even with all modern security measures. These malicious intruders include casual prying, snooping, commercial espionage etc.

To increase the security level of networks Microsoft suggested a new measure called Palladium which will help bring more security to their software, it is basically a new set of features that not only upheld security of data and the integrity of the system but also provides some much needed personal privacy. Palladium is integrated into windows kernel which couples with the hardware and various chipsets to form a secured subsystem.

The present security features in windows will not be compromised for this new feature and both will run hand in hand. Language and system interoperability is another feature of palladium; this means we can write the user specific programs for more security. The hardware components include a trusted space, sealed storage, secured input and output and attestation whereas software component includes trusted operating root or commonly known nowadays as nexus technology and trusted agents which provides encryption features. The hardware used in this security measure are computer chips, keyboard, scanner, printer and an altered CPU and palladium component store files in a cryptography mode.

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