A Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation System

Due to intermittent natural energy resources and energy resources seasonal un-balance, a PV-wind hybrid electrical power supply system was developed for many remote locations where a conventional grid connection is inconvenient or expensive. While the hybrid system is also applicable with grid connection, owners are allowed to sell excess electricity back to the electric utility by using net meter.

The set-up consists of a photo-voltaic solar-cell array, a mast mounted wind generator, lead-acid storage batteries, an inverter unit to convert DC power to AC power, electrical lighting loads and electrical heating loads, several fuse and junction boxes and associated wiring, and test instruments for measuring voltages, currents, power factors, and harmonic contamination data throughout the system. This hybrid solar-wind power generating system is extensively used to illustrate electrical concepts in hands-on laboratories and demonstrations in the Industrial Technology curriculum.

This paper describes an analysis of local PV-wind hybrid systems for supplying electricity to a private house, farmhouse or a small company with electrical power depending on the need at the site. The major system components, work principle and specific working condition are presented in this paper.

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  • Raj Janorkar

    A Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation System

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