Oil and Gas Value Chain

What are Crude Oil and Natural Gas?

  • Crude oil is is mixture of more than 500 organic chemicals, predominantly hydrocarbons that comes from reservoirs below the earth's surface. It is called crude oil because it must be processed or "refined" into useable products like gasoline. 

  • Crude oil can be of wide variety and characteristic. 

  • Crude oil is often called petroleum.

Natural Gas is a mixture of lighter hydrocarbons like methane , ethane propane etc, it is a gas or vapour that is stored in reservoirs below the ground.

Classification of Crude Oil

Based on API Gravity Crude Oil can be classified as :

  • Light Crude.

  • Medium Crude.

  • Heavy Crude.

  • The crude oils are also classified based on chemical nature:

  • Parainic .

  • Asphaltic.

  • Intermediate Base.

  • Napthenic Base.

Petroleum Products

Cuts, Fractions and Carbon Numbers, Crude oil is a mixture of over 500 components. It has a boiling range of around 40-600 C. Each product from Crude oil is also mixture of several components (hydrocarbons). The hydrocarbons range from C1 to C65 in terms of carbon numbers. Product of a particular boiling range taken out of crude is defined as cut or fractions. The products are identified as cuts from crude of certain boiling ranges and carbon numbers.

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