Mobile Based Network Monitoring System

Network monitor system can be used to monitor network traffic of each network interface card (NIC) of any computer (workstation or server), router, switch, printer or other network device which supports SNMP communication. It can also be used in order to send or receive the SNMP trap message to or from such device. Net Monitor can be used to monitor process condition shown as in running or inactive state. Network management, a part in net monitor, is done from management stations, which are in fact general -purpose computers running special management software.

The management stations contain one of more processes that communicate with the agents over the network, issuing commands and getting responses. In this design all the intelligence is in the management stations, in order to keep the agents as simple as possible and minimize their impact on the devices they are running on. Mainly management stations have a graphical user interface to allow the network manager to inspect the status of the network and take action when required. The advantage of this project over other net monitoring tool is that it can be extended to support mobile based net monitoring. Here the user can set his mobile details, and can manage his network using the mobile.

Whenever an event occurs in the network the system intimates him over the mobile and he can take necessary steps. More over the network status of each node will be updated timely. He can get the network status at any time from his mobile by connecting to this application.

The main objective of this system is the implementation of separate monitoring system, implementation of mobile base network monitor at every client in the network. Here in this approach, user of each client machine will know that his machine is being monitored by network administrator or someone else. In order to achieve confidentiality and integrity, multi agent based architecture is developed which has various capabilities such as file monitoring, client activities monitoring etc. This application has two modules, server and client. Server will receive data/reports/logs from client module and will perform the appropriate action. Client module will monitor each & every client pc for any activity like,

1. Internet usage

2. Storage usage

3. File system

4. Media activities


This tool would be installed on the server machine where commands from the user would be received and accordingly various functions would be carried out. These commands would be received at the client machine to perform the required activity and provide necessary feedback to the server. The mobile device can be used to monitor the server application by the user from a remote place. So the complete system can be briefed up into three major parts:

1.Server: It receives the requests or control commands from the user (administrator). These commands are then processed by the server for performing the desired functions on the network. It also communicates with all the other client destinations on the network and monitors the activities carried out by them.

 2. Client: A client is the primary unit of any network. A number of clients (controlled by the main Server) work in co-ordination to complete the task as assigned to it by the server. Every client is installed with a client Demon tool which continuously keeps track of all the processes running on the client and performs the activities as instructed by the server.

3. Mobile application : It is an application which is installed on the administrator's Mobile base device. The basic use of this application is to allow the user to control the activities of the network form any remote location. The user enters the commands through an mobile based graphical user interface which are received by the server for further processing. This application can also be used to monitor the status of any client machine on the network.

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