Fast Dissolving Tablets

Fast Dissolving Tablets (FDTs) or Mouth Dissolving Tablets (MDTs) which disintegrates or dissolves rapidly without water within few seconds in the mouth.


  • It offer all advantages of solid dosage forms and liquid dosage forms along with special advantages, includes

  • It provide good stability, accurate dosing, easy manufacturing, small packaging size & easy to handle.

  • No need of water to swallow the dosage form.

  • Easy to administer for paediatric, geriatric & institutionalized patients.

  • More rapid drug absorption from the pre-gastric area which may produce Quick onset of action.

  • Pre-gastric absorption of drug avoids hepatic metabolism, which reduces the dose and increase the bioavailability.

  • The risk of chocking or suffocation during oral administration avoided.

  • Good mouth feel property of MDDDS helps to change the basic view of medication as "bitter pill"

  • Patient’s compliance for disabled bedridden patients and for travelling and busy people, who do not have ready access to water.

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    Fast Dissolving Tablets

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