Nuclear Reaction

Chain reaction occurs when a Uranium atom splits, Different Reactions, Atomic Bomb in a split second, Nuclear Power Reactor more controlled, cannot explode like a bomb.

Atoms for Peace

  • Program to justify nuclear technology
  • Proposals for power, canal-building, exports
  • First commercial power plant, Illinois 1960 

Economic advantages

  • The energy in one pound of highly enriched Uranium is comparable to that of one million gallons of gasoline.

  • One million times as much energy in one pound of Uranium as in one pound of coal.

  • Nuclear power around the globe

  • 17% of world’s electricity from nuclear power

  • U.S. about 20% (2nd largest source)

  • 431 nuclear plants in 31 countries

  • 103 of them in the U.S.

  • Built none since 1970s (Wisconsin as leader).

  • U.S. firms have exported nukes.

  • Push from Bush/Cheney for new nukes.

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