Against Alocholism

Alcohol - Some Facts

Alcohol is a depressant drug that slows down the activity of the brain contains absolutely no nutrients does not help relieve tension , induce sleep or solve problems. All alcoholic beverages contain the same mood-changing agent - ethyl alcohol though in varying percentage.45.55% 35-75% 10-12% 6 - 8%bDistilled Spirits Arrack Wine Beer / Toddy (whisky, brandy, rum) Alcohol needs no digestion and is absorbed rapidly into the blood stream. Cold showers or coffee do not remove the effect of alcohol from the body only the liver can. It takes the liver about one hour to break down one drink of alcohol. About 10 to 15% of alcohol users develop alcohol dependence and become alcoholics. Anybody can become an alcoholic - age, education, intelligence or socio-economic status has nothing to do with it. The person increases the quantity or frequency and continues drinking even though alcohol causes problems to his health, work life, family or social relationships.

Alcoholism is treatable.

With treatment it is possible to give up drinking totally and live without alcohol. However, as with other diseases, the earlier the help is sought, the lesser the damage and the better the recovery.

Alcohol and Medical Problems

Alcohol is a toxic substance that can affect each and every organ in the body. The major health problems associated with excessive alcohol intake are listed below.