Private Homeowner Drinking Water Issues

Disinfection Shock Chlorination may work for small numbers of coliform bacteria. Should be conducted after all well repairs, flooding, or problems with elevated bacterial counts. After shock disinfection – retesting for total coliform, standard plate count, and nuisance bacteria may be need.

U-V Sterilizer - The Selection of UV unit system depends on the following:

  • General Water Quality

  • Turbidity

  • Hardness

  • Iron and Manganese

  • Bacterial Levels

  • Source Water Type and Overall

  • Water Quality

Iron Removal - Form and concentration is important as follows

  • Oxidized = visible, orange stain
  • Reduced = colorless

Removal Method

  • Water Softener

  • Chlorination / Filtration

  • Oxidizing Filter

  • Ozone

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    Private Homeowner Drinking Water Issues

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